Insect Bites

Insects do not usually attack unless they are provoked. Most bites and stings are defensive; the insects attack to protect their hives or nests. The stings and bites from insects often result in redness and swelling to the injured area. Sometimes a sting can cause a lifethreatening allergic reaction.

You should go to the emergency department if you develop any of the following symptoms as the result of a bite:
Shortness of breath
Chest tightness or pain
Sensation of the throat closing or difficulty speaking or swallowing
Faintness or weakness
Infection (If the wound appears infected and you are not able to reach your doctor, seek care at a hospital.)

The itching and redness accompanied with insect bites can be treated with various creams and lotions. Talk to your pharmacist for more details on the treatment of insect bites.