A stroke is brain damage caused by a blocked blood vessel or bleeding in the brain. The signs of a stroke may include weakness, numbness, blurred vision, confusion, and slurred speech. Getting to a hospital quickly is vital for a good outcome with a stroke.

General symptoms of a stroke include sudden onset of:
Numbness, weakness, or paralysis of the face, arm, or leg, typically on one side of the body.
Trouble seeing in one or both eyes, such as dimness, blurring, double vision, or loss of vision.
Confusion, trouble understanding.
Slurred or garbled speech.
Trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination.
Severe headache.

It is not always easy for people to recognize symptoms of a small stroke. Everyone who has had a stroke, or who is at risk of stroke, needs to know about stroke treatment and care. Ask your pharmacist for available treatments.