Pharmacy care club because every individual is diffrent

Better healthcare, more rewards and lower costs

A unique pharmacy care club for each individuals

A care our unique and invaluable ultra personalised pharmacy care club is more than just of reward card. As human beings we are all different DNA and our bodies can reacts differently to medications, food, environment stress and the lifestyles we lead compared to others.

Ultra personalised healthcare club provides services, products, information, education and offers based around you

  • Past and current medical history
  • Vitamins & minerals deficiency
  • DNA & family history
  • Bodies ability to absorb certain food & medication
  • Lifestyle & local environment
  • Physical & personality traits
  • Medication you are taking
  • Hormones
  • Medicines not working with your body
  • Allergies
  • Quality of your blood
  • Psychological & mental wellness conditions

Its simple and easy to join our
ultra personalised pharmacy care card

Step 1

Our expert healthcare team member will collect all the relevant information. You are able to register online or Instore

Step 2
We plan your needs

Our team will provide Ultra targeted healthcare, information, products, services, education, offers and more

Step 3
Personalised care

Once you join you are able to improve your health, reduce costs and use relevant targeted products and services

Why customers, patients & healthcare providers prefer ultra personalised pharmacy care card

Offers from local health choices and services that are relavant

Information, products and services from a known and trusted source

Lowers healthcare costs

Locally owned and operated

Experienced Pharmacists and healthcare team available 24 hours / day

Helping protect individual healthcare in the future and present more

Abilitiy to take action on healthcare based of information about targeted products & services receive 2–4 hour delivery in most cases

A service that really connects all the healthcare needs

See what our members are saying about our Ultra personalised Care Club

“ It’s a unique combination of receiving what I need and get rewards that is meaningful ”
Mr Gary Prasher. Age 51

“ The club provided me with information and solutions on my healthcare conditions that made a difference ”
Mrs M Burke Age 56 ( heavy medication user )

“ I now value my pharmacy and the services they provide more because the club has given me more options in the best way to manage all aspects of my healthcare ”
Mr Aaron Abraham 68 Age